In Australia’s changing workplace, stability, permanency and opportunity is the focus for many employers and employees.

Attracting and retaining talent is critical to any organisation’s success. Within the current labour market, retaining talent and ensuring business continuity is an ongoing challenge that requires prudent human resource management.

HR national works closely with our clients to ensure that the right attraction and selection strategies are in place, and once the right talent has been secured, that it is retained and fostered within the business.

Service Characteristics 

  • Industry and competitor research to uncover passive candidates
  • Extensive database search across more than 250,000 candidates
  • Targeted advertising campaign at our expense across major job boards
  • Comprehensive reference checks validated by referee
  • The protection of a 180-day candidate replacement or full fee credit guarantee
  • Consultants follow a rigorous 10 step recruitment process.
  • Client anonymity guaranteed

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